Service line breaks are responsible for most of the water loss in a utility's distribution system. Improving pipeline integrity can greatly reduce the overall unaccounted-for water.

Acoustic sensing technology is a true breakthrough in supply-side preservation solutions for the water industry. A combination of acoustic sensors, automated meter reading technology and innovative data analysis software is revolutionizing water leak detection, pinpointing and mitigation.

Utility Solutions leak detection and water management systems are the most comprehensive and cost efficient solutions available.

  • Pinpoint leaks anywhere in the system day or night
  • Simplify pipeline repair and maintenance
  • Improve water conservation efforts
  • Reduce unaccounted-for water
  • Manage pipeline integrity proactively
  • Reduce outage and recovery time

Why Utility Solutions?

  • Our leak detection equipment has a 6 year track record for accuracy with the Clayton County GA Water Authority
  • Our technology covers more areas of unaccountable water loss than any other company in the world
  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we provide live tech support from industry experts

Tom's Take

While searching the web one day for my competition to WaterCop I stumbled upon Itron's leak detection and water management systems. I discovered that a county not far from my home has had the system for several years and been very successful in lowering their unaccounted-for water numbers. I had to see it to believe it, so I went to the county and saw for myself what this amazing equipment could do. It is a perfect fit for our company's resource conservation efforts.